Sunday, January 06, 2013

Christmas Crafts - Incense Burner

Hope our local family members likes the "homemade" craft that Hubby made. An incense burner. It captures all the ashes in the glass wine or liquor bottle while burning stick incense. He was looking for a better way to capture the ashes than using the wooden open stick holders. I think they turned out great. Hope everyone else does too!
The incense stick is held in a key ring and the bottle has an air hole drilled in the back side. Some glass paint and a few charms around the bottle neck help jazz up the look.There are many places on the web with instructions; here's a diy video. Ford used a split key ring to hold the stick and used the glass paint that does need baking in the oven. Some use the wine cork to hold the stick but that only works if you have a cork. You can make any color or leave the bottle with its original labels.
We saved some more bottles so may become birthday gifts too! Have fun!

What will you make for Christmas gifts in 2013?

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