Friday, November 30, 2012

Reading Books

AA reads as many books as we ask her to. She loves looking at books for a short time and will read out loud to us if we ask her. Since she is a great reader, I hope she begins to read on her own and enjoys the pleasure of the stories.She loves reading, so there is no problem. We usually have to prompt her to take the time to read a book.
I do like the school she is in as each month she receives a chart to write in all the books she reads. Since she is a competitor, she wants to fill out the entire form before anyone else. So we do read lots of books. Her most advanced book she read this month is Skylark. It is the second book in the series beginning with Sarah Plain and Tall. She knows there is a connection about her Mommy (me) and the book, as Sarah is from Maine (and she has watched all three movies). It has 15 chapters so, I was pleased when she read it to us in five sittings. Not bad for a kindergartener. Now onto more chapter books. Any suggestions that you liked for early readers?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Daily Dose of AA - Saturday at RAM

A few photos of us walking to the RAM on a sunny but chilly Saturday (11/24/12). We love selecting our vegetables for the week from several local farmers and wandering about looking at the different crafts vendors.

We are getting ready for Christmas with shopping, writing cards, AA's Advent calendar and planning a few special holiday events. Happiness to everyone this Christmas preparation time!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fishing Lures - Papa Cobb

A long time ago, either my Grandmother E-E or my Mom must have offered Papa's (Warren Cobb) fishing lures to us.
I married a fisherman and I don't think there was anyone else in the family interested at the time. My Grandmother and Mom, through the years, usually did some "rummaging" in the attic or basement and found something they no longer wanted to store or just wanted it to go to another home where it would be used. Sometime, we were the lucky recipients!
Fast forward many years (maybe 20 - 25) and we are going through many of our stored items and came across these fishing lures.
Our son (Justin) who is an avid Florida fisherman and loves going out on and in the St. Johns River, hopefully will enjoy these lures that were owned by his Great-Grandfather. So on Thanksgiving day, we gave him some old lures (1930's - 1950's) to use or display. We may even try a few too, as we like to fish, just haven't done it lately.
Justin was amazed at the lures and even the artwork on the boxes. He will display some and use some. Maybe he will have some luck and be eating fresh fish soon!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Tree - Decorating #1

We are making homemade tree decorations. Red pipe cleaners make a great garland - like a paper chain. Can't wait to see it on the tree.......

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Daily Dose of AA - Farmer Girl

We grow many peppers in pots around our condo. AA tried her hand at bell peppers. She was happy to pick this one and Daddy cooked it in a stir-fry that was delicious. Hubby grows several kinds of peppers as posted before here.We also grew some leaf lettuce and several varieties of basil, oregano and tarragon. We can't wait to move to a new home in the next year and grow more vegetables and herbs.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Visitor - The Geranium Eating Squirrel!

We had a visitor on our back deck last weekend. I was surprised to see a squirrel enjoying a blossom on a red geranium plant, on our picnic table. I was amused at first and grabbed the camera. He (or she) seemed to be eating the flower petals then began munching on a leaf stem.
It was difficult getting clear pictures as the flash wanted to go off and the reflection on the glass door blurred the photos. So I tried blocking the flash (maybe I will learn a few tricks soon from Hubby as he is taking a lesson next week with a professional, we finally broke down and need to learn how to work this wonderful camera!).

Next, the little rascal jumped over to the other geranium plant and very quickly, proceeded to bite off two large branches and begin eating the center of the stems.... That's when I knew I had let him stay too long! (he is in the lower left corner munching on my plant!):

Go away and stay away!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Photos 11/22/12

Thanksgiving dinner was at daughter Leaa and Jesse's home, a great place for the kids to play and enjoy the day. It was sunny and crisp (for NE Florida) so Leaa set up a craft table on the screen porch, which kept the girls busy for half the day! Decorating cupcakes like turkeys and making turkeys from paper cardboard rolls, all were fun. We all sipped our latest "new" adult beverage, called Poinsettia (posted here). The dinner was delicious and as usual, with many hands in the kitchen helping; I think we had five of us at one time crowded into each other, talking over each other and giving orders. It's a good thing Leaa is very accommodating! And we had WAY TOO MANY desserts! Leaa's chocolate harvest cake, Nicole's peach pie, Cathy's pumpkin cheesecake pie, my apple pie and pecan pie plus the decorated turkey cupcakes..... yummy!

This photo shows Livi's missing front teeth and AA's mouth full of apple pie:

Dylan's happy and beautiful face:
Now covered with chocolate:
The group photo (missing was Nicole and Mila who came later):
Kilee was the expert on decorating and helped the younger ones:

Mila's cute wide-eyed beautiful face:
Leaa and Jesse printed out a famous quote on being thankful/grateful for each place setting:
All in all, we are a blessed family! We are thankful for those who were not able to be with us: Jordan who was working, the Cruce's all together in Memphis, my family in Maine, cousins on the Cape, Carolyn and Pete, Ford's family in Missouri and his Dad and Joy in Okeechobee. Maybe we will all meet up during the Christmas season!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Home Cooking - Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving: Our assignment was to bake pies, bring two smoked turkeys (Hubby smokes during the night), home made yeast rolls, one roasted turkey and the canned jellied cranberry sauce. We added a drink, the "Poinsettia" as a new beverage this year, so champagne, cranberry juice and fresh cranberries will be brought to the dinner at daughter Leaa's home, too.
I always have used the Betty Crocker pie crust recipe made with Crisco shortening - Apple pie:

Southern Living's Easy Pecan Pie:

Homemade Parker House yeast rolls (this was the practice batch, fresh rolls will be baked right before dinner is ready):

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We are so thankful for all that we have including family and friends!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Road Trip to FUMCH

We recently went to the Florida United Methodist Children's Home to take some donations. AA stretched her legs by running around the Bridge of Hope park near Hardin Hall.

Picking up acorns!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Final Lesson - River Bend Golf Course

AA has been taking lessons for over 1.5 years from Coach Doug. He also holds group kids lessons and steps through the kids PGA training book. The season ended and Coach awarded Alyzabeth a trophy for the "Junior Kids Golf Player of the Year at River Bend Golf Links". And he gave all the kids a medal for participating and passing the tests. We are having fun seeing AA improve and play so well! Thanks to her Coach!

It was also the same day as the final Fall Tournament series so in all, she received four awards in golf today! Great way to wrap up her first season of tournaments!