Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maine Visit - Feet, Feet.....

AA took to the lake water just like a fish. She's only swam in pools, so a lake is very different. With new L.L. Bean goggles from her Nana, she would not get out of the water! There are lots of fresh water clams (inedible) so she went diving for them. All we saw of her was her legs and feet kicking, trying to get to the bottom of the lake. We had a blast visiting my home, so many posts to follow to catch up on our vacation!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hope everyone is having a beautiful, fun and active summer! At the Train Station to start our Maine vacation!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

While We Are Enjoying Summer...... The Tiger Came For Tea

We are having a wonderful summer so am WAY behind in posting about all the activities we have done. Inbetween all the fun, we enjoy having AA read a book to us each day.
During the WAIT, I searched out favorite, classic, traditional books for a young reader; I found an international best/top 10 list and bought many of them. This one I found on-line from England. What a treat and the illustrations are so cute to help the imagination.
What favorite books are you reading this summer?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Neighborhood for Daughter

Our daughter and son-in-law moved to a new neighborhood that has a community pool. Lots of fun for the family!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Monday Girls Day Out - Lunch

Now that school is out, this was one of the few Mondays, AA and I were able to have a lunch date.
First, the day started out with all three of us. With Hubby, we went to our past neighbors grave to do some clean up and place new American flags. Then to the bank, drop off a donation at church, drop off shirts at the dry cleaners, check in on the boat repairs.....
Then AA and I were cleaned up, dressed up and headed to the Town Center. We had a great lunch at P.F. Chang, although was one of our most expensive lunches, seemed a bit costly..... and with no alcohol purchases! A cup of soup, Thai salad, Salmon along with a side salad. We did try the ginger soda, and boy, did it STRONGLY taste of fresh ginger root. As it should. Very strange, but still good. Have you had it? We left half of it as it was so strong. Must be an acquired taste.
We enjoyed using the chop sticks and had fun shopping.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Monday Girls Day Out - Bra Shopping

I knew you would love this title...... I bought Victoria Secret bras for quite awhile, I think the last time was a few months after the Jacksonville Town Center location opened. So that was..... hummm seven years ago? Good thing the VS bras really last.
It had been a long time, so I must have had this conversation with cousin Carolyn as for my birthday she gave me a gift card to Victoria Secret. So now I had to go shopping. I don't really like to shop that much, yes, it can be fun, BUT can take a long time, don't always find what you want, etc....
Since AA's school is out, I decided we would make the trip to the Town Center and have lunch at P.F. Chang. Yummy Chinese food!
First, we did the necessary task of buying new bras, two to be exact. In very basic colors. I wish I had a picture of AA blushing when she saw all the BRIGHT colored underwear! She giggled as I held up several samples for her to see! Yep, she is a plain dresser just like her Mom.
So the style I bought, for this 54 year old........? Sexy Tee, yep, that's my very boring bra style!
Only VS can make underwear sounds so exciting! The good part is they are all on sale right now, so the price was better too.

And the color..... white and beige. Suits me just fine.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

White Tooth - Thank You Dr. Gary

AA has had some dental work in the past and the only thing left was an optional whitening of one of her front teeth. We put it off since it was not necessary. But over the past year, it seemed to get more discolored. So off to the dentist for some white "paint"! This is not a cap or a veneer. Only some type of "paint". I wasn't there so maybe Hubby has a better word for it. AA is so happy. She had reminded us many times that the Dentist said he could fix that last "brown" tooth. So it is done. Love her bright smile!
Before (looking straight at the photo, it is the front left big tooth, her right big tooth are you confused?):

Happy smiles!

Friday, July 06, 2012

Box Wine - Bota

We occasionally pick up some wine to take to daughter's home to share during our visit. This time at the grocery store, I noticed the selection of box wines. The "BOTA BOX" was interesting, not just for the price tag. It was on the label: Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Best Buy, Value Superstar 2011!
So not only is it equivalent to four, count that - 4! 750ml bottles of wine, it was under $20.00 AND was recognized by the major wine magazine.
Yes, it had good flavor, a very drinkable, red wine. Love bargains! Have you tried box wines?

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Poolside - Is it July Already!

Fourth of July is here! Happy Birthday America! We will be enjoying our day by the pool and fireworks tonight with friends, Pam and Kenny.
This past Sunday, we had more fun pool time. I took a few photos as Daddy and AA were having fun with the wake board and some objects to dive for. AA now dives in the deep end of the pool, she is a great swimmer. In August, we signed her up for some "strokes" swim classes. Always fun to see her do so well with her instructor Ms. Gretchen.
The heat has set in after a mild June due to so much rain (TS Beryl brought enough rain for a few months, all in less than a week). We are drying out so the sun felt good.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Sandals and Foot Book

I cleaned out AA's older shoes, and found her first pair of sandals (flip-flops) that I bought her. They were way too big, so we waited a year before she could wear them. At the same time, AA's sister gave her a pair of Livi's flip-flops she had outgrown. They were too big for AA until now. Fast forward to me going through her "basket" of shoes, and I find the older flip-flops of AA's and the hand-me-downs from Livi. I took AA's old ones to see if Grand #3 can fit into them. She is growing so fast and at 2.5 years old wears mostly the same size as AA (at age 5.5). But the sandals fit. And AA fits in Livi's. So here's the girls in their hand-me-down sandals. Of course, Dylan would not stand still and did not understand why I was taking pictures of her feet! AA tried to stay beside her so I could get the picture.
I didn't notice that on the floor was Dr. Seuss book, "The Foot Book"!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Last Day of VBS - OPUMC

AA attended the Orange Park UMC VBS - "SonSurf VBS". She was excited and seemed to have a great time. She told me about each day, the lesson, the craft, the games in the gym, all good! These first photos were taken by OPUMC and are on their Facebook page; the last few by Daddy.

Last Friday was the final day of VBS. Daddy (Sweet Hubby) said it was so crowded and where AA sat, it was hard to get any photos.AA loved it, so that is all that mattered!