Sunday, December 30, 2012

River Bend Golf Course, Green Cove Springs

On Friday, December 28, 2012, AA played in the final day of the River Bend Kids Golf Clinic taught by her golfing coach, Doug Cody. She missed the sessions on the 26th and 27th as we were visiting her Grandparents. Coach Doug allowed her to play in the final day as she has had lessons all along. I didn't go as it was a six hole final day and I really wanted to pick up the mess, laundry and ironing in the house, time for me to get caught up on chores.
There were nine or ten children up to age 13 years old (he played on tees about 25 yards behind all the others). AA teed off at the same place as the older kids (yes, she was the youngest). She was paired with the 13 year old boy and with Doug's grandson, Evan Townsend (seven years old). AA had the lowest score of all the kids (yes, she bested all the kids age 7 - 13!)! She received a trophy for her score of 32 and Evan received a trophy for the lowest (best) score for the boys (34). AA played a really good game per her Daddy. He didn't take a camera, so no photos of her at the course. Maybe one of the other parents will share a few. Congrats to AA!

Another trophy on her shelf! Next up is two tournaments in the Orlando winter tour, 12/30/12 and 01/06/13.

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dawn said...

Fantastic. My gosh AA is suddenly looking very grown up, I was going to say big but that is not a word that will be used for AA or Rosie!