Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Plaster Palace - Birthday Gift

AA received a gift certificate from friends Kenny and Pam for her 6th birthday; it was to a new local store on Fleming Island. The Plaster Palace is near one of our favorite Sports Bars, Taps.
Anyone can do this project by selecting a plaster "blank", gathering your paint colors and several paint brushes - then start! I painted the Peace sign and AA painted a dog and skunk.
AA had fun and the time went by fast. You don't have to be a perfect artist, the spray gaze and glitter at the end hides many flaws!

I had one slight "icky" moment - each smock was well worn/reused t-shirt (yes, as in someone else just took it off; there were rows of "used" shirt to put on your kid). I would recommend bringing your own old t-shirt or smock for your kids (and yourself). So don't make fun of the Georgia t-shirt on AA, I selected what I thought was a plain black shirt; we are NOT Georgia fans!
All in all, it was fun so AA has already selected her next plaster project! Thank you Pam!

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Vivian M said...

Fun! You both did a great job. :o)