Monday, December 24, 2012

Letter to Santa

AA insisted that she had to write a letter and mail it to the North Pole. I hope our Mailman is used to this sort of thing! This was her practice letter. Only one misspelled word! Her final letter was in the envelop and sealed before I could get a picture. Hope Santa already knows that all she wants is more Legos!


Catherine said...

Cute letter! I'm guessing Santa has some Legos all wrapped up for your sweet AA.

Next year if you put AA's letter in the mail you can address it to

Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0

I know that it reaches him and you don't even need a stamp. Santa even writes back if he gets it in time!!

Cora Huffman said...

So sweet! Have a Merry Christmas!

Mike and Rhonda said...

Merry Christmas and I just know Santa has AA on the NICE list this year!