Friday, December 14, 2012

Homemade Idea - For Toddler Fun

We have made several homemade gifts this year but won't divulge them until after Christmas. Here's two ideas for any gifts you still wish to make that we did not use this year:
Those of you with toddlers, I found this idea and just love it! I need to find a place to use it in our house maybe for other organizing ideas (a message board or calendar?).
Check out the instructions at Nic and Kate's blog.

Also, here is the same oil pan used as a photo bulletin board! Check out the finished project on Jen's Blog. And lastly, an idea we may use in 2013 is to print out these FREE journal questions and place in a jar. Weekly, when you want your child to journal, they can pull one of these papers from the "Journal Jar" and answer the question in their journal. Very good idea and maybe they won't think it is school work! Merry Christmas!

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Jen said...

Ha! I feel so famous finding my photo pan up on your site! :)