Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year ! Wine Shop - W90+

As you all know, we love our red, dry wines. We also have a tradition of Champagne Sunday's.
We used to shop regularly at the local Wine Warehouse stores, chatting with Bernie as he discussed all the value priced good wines. They catered to having wine less expensive than other retail stores. No longer. No longer is there any Wine Warehouse stores but we can find very good wines at our local grocery store and several box wines are very economical (like Boto Box). We also had developed an acquaintance with Bernie over the years, he knew we wanted the cheapest "good" dry red wine, preferably under $6 a bottle. Not impossible. Fast forward to a new wine store that has a very different mission: great wines that score a "90" or higher, called W90+. In other words, no $6 wines. Bernie works at the W90+ Avondale store and I stopped in just to see what they had. They advertise that 50% of the wines they carry are priced under $25 per bottle. Yikes!  Bernie showed me the value wines and one brand is Alamos. We had not tried the new Red Blend. Also, we have our favorite champagne which is priced on sale occasionally so pick up a case once a year. Bernie steered me to a new one to try: LaMarca. Considering the price difference, I think we will stick with Freixenet Brut. I really enjoyed speaking to Bernie again, he's very knowledgeable. Maybe you will visit the local W90+ stores for a special occasion!
Happy New Year 2013!


Marsha said...

I will try these. I never know what to buy! Thanks

Cora Huffman said...

We love our reds here too. Although we went to lunch at Wine O'clock a wine bar and bistro, and had a very nice white. I love living in Washington's wine country. Have a happy new year and enjoy your new bottles!