Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Daily Dose of AA - Merry Christmas!

Just before going to Leaa's home for a visit last Monday, I took a few pictures of AA in her 2011 Christmas dress. It is so cute, I was glad she could still wear it (it is a pillow case dress with a very cute Minnie Mouse applique on it) and it was a warm day. My sweetie is SO, SO, SO looking forward to Christmas this year!

I tried the 1960's photo look; maybe never again!
Merry Christmas!


dawn said...

Your sweetie looks lovely, as always.

Merry Christmas

Catherine said...

Merry Christmas friend!

Your sweet AA is absolutely beautiful in her adorable Christmas dress! What a fun little dress combining 2 things we love. So happy for you that it fit her once again.

Hope you had an amazing day filled with love, family and celebrations as we celebrate the birth of our King!