Saturday, December 08, 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Gingerbread

We have been doing one Christmas activity each day relating to AA's Advent Calendar. This past Sunday, was simple, build your own gingerbread "train". I thought an all inclusive kit would be a fun activity. Have you tried one of the kits? This one had a missing gingerbread piece per the photos. I say missing, as the picture and text/written instructions mention the piece but the picture step by step does not show them. Structurally, it is very important and the train wobbled until I added double the icing and held it until it dried (I won't be doing this kit EVER again!). Overall, the experience was average, but we always have fun while we are figuring out what to do. There was plenty of candy pieces and just barely enough icing. AA enjoyed eating one piece after we had it assembled. I now fondly remember the day when we received one in the mail from Nana of the North - all put together! I think we will stick to baking our own gingerbread cookies in the future!
 After making it, a couple of pieces were soon consumed by the hard workers!


China Dreams said...

Very nice!

Catherine said...

Great train!

Do any of the grocery stores/bakeries in your area offer gingerbread courses? We go every year and it's almost the same price as making at home but with lots more icing and candies....and no mess! Yup, a win-win situation!

One Happy Mama said...

Yeah, we tried that one a couple of years ago... totally disappointing!

Vivian M said...

Great job! We make a kit every year, and it never lasts too long around here.