Saturday, December 01, 2012

Camera Lesson - Hubby's Birthday Gift

Ford had his first camera lesson on our Nikon 40Dx. He learned about different features so that we now know when to use our favorite "Auto" setting and when to use other settings.When AA came home from school, she was the subject for a few minutes. Then Ford was back with his teacher (Laureen) to learn to edit each photo (these below are not edited with the new software, just my quick and free Picasa 3!). Check out Laureen's photography business if you are in the Jacksonville area (or go to FaceBook - LaureenBurkePhotography).


Mike and Rhonda said...

So is it the fantastic photographer or the beautiful subject?

Alyson and Ford said...

Mike and Rhonda, please send us an email (through the blog link) as I have lost connection with your blog. Hope all is well with your family.