Sunday, November 11, 2012

Washington DC - U. S. Airlines - Veterans

During my flights to Maine a few weeks ago, I was waiting at my U.S. Airways gate and an announcement came out that Veterans would be arriving on several planes for a tour of Washington D.C. Many passengers waiting for their flights crowded around the brass band and clapped for what seemed an eternity for these wonderful veterans. Here is a very similar story that captures what I saw and a video of a past flight.
There was one gentleman with very long gray hair who seemed to be the master of the event. Don't l know his name but he seemed to be the organizer. Maybe someone from Washington D.C. will recognize him. It was a great event to be spontaneously included!

This is the person I thought seemed to be the leader. Anyone know him? Thankful for the effort the U.S. Airways does to fly in these deserving veterans.

These free flights are mostly through the organization Honor Flight. You can read their history here.

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Nana Ann said...

As you know, I too have been at an airport when the call has come that Veterans are arriving. It is an amazing scene and I am glad I was able to go to their gate to applaud them. We owe all veterans a great debt and a huge thank you.