Saturday, November 24, 2012

Visitor - The Geranium Eating Squirrel!

We had a visitor on our back deck last weekend. I was surprised to see a squirrel enjoying a blossom on a red geranium plant, on our picnic table. I was amused at first and grabbed the camera. He (or she) seemed to be eating the flower petals then began munching on a leaf stem.
It was difficult getting clear pictures as the flash wanted to go off and the reflection on the glass door blurred the photos. So I tried blocking the flash (maybe I will learn a few tricks soon from Hubby as he is taking a lesson next week with a professional, we finally broke down and need to learn how to work this wonderful camera!).

Next, the little rascal jumped over to the other geranium plant and very quickly, proceeded to bite off two large branches and begin eating the center of the stems.... That's when I knew I had let him stay too long! (he is in the lower left corner munching on my plant!):

Go away and stay away!

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