Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Photos 11/22/12

Thanksgiving dinner was at daughter Leaa and Jesse's home, a great place for the kids to play and enjoy the day. It was sunny and crisp (for NE Florida) so Leaa set up a craft table on the screen porch, which kept the girls busy for half the day! Decorating cupcakes like turkeys and making turkeys from paper cardboard rolls, all were fun. We all sipped our latest "new" adult beverage, called Poinsettia (posted here). The dinner was delicious and as usual, with many hands in the kitchen helping; I think we had five of us at one time crowded into each other, talking over each other and giving orders. It's a good thing Leaa is very accommodating! And we had WAY TOO MANY desserts! Leaa's chocolate harvest cake, Nicole's peach pie, Cathy's pumpkin cheesecake pie, my apple pie and pecan pie plus the decorated turkey cupcakes..... yummy!

This photo shows Livi's missing front teeth and AA's mouth full of apple pie:

Dylan's happy and beautiful face:
Now covered with chocolate:
The group photo (missing was Nicole and Mila who came later):
Kilee was the expert on decorating and helped the younger ones:

Mila's cute wide-eyed beautiful face:
Leaa and Jesse printed out a famous quote on being thankful/grateful for each place setting:
All in all, we are a blessed family! We are thankful for those who were not able to be with us: Jordan who was working, the Cruce's all together in Memphis, my family in Maine, cousins on the Cape, Carolyn and Pete, Ford's family in Missouri and his Dad and Joy in Okeechobee. Maybe we will all meet up during the Christmas season!


Catherine said...

What a wonderful day shared with family! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mike and Rhonda said...

Looks wonderful! The craft table is a great idea...