Friday, November 30, 2012

Reading Books

AA reads as many books as we ask her to. She loves looking at books for a short time and will read out loud to us if we ask her. Since she is a great reader, I hope she begins to read on her own and enjoys the pleasure of the stories.She loves reading, so there is no problem. We usually have to prompt her to take the time to read a book.
I do like the school she is in as each month she receives a chart to write in all the books she reads. Since she is a competitor, she wants to fill out the entire form before anyone else. So we do read lots of books. Her most advanced book she read this month is Skylark. It is the second book in the series beginning with Sarah Plain and Tall. She knows there is a connection about her Mommy (me) and the book, as Sarah is from Maine (and she has watched all three movies). It has 15 chapters so, I was pleased when she read it to us in five sittings. Not bad for a kindergartener. Now onto more chapter books. Any suggestions that you liked for early readers?