Saturday, November 17, 2012

Maine Visit - Last Few Days

My last few days in Maine were spent going to sister Terri's family gathering for dinner (Chris, Heather, Jamie) and I met baby Anthony for the first time!
Mom and I drove to Cape Cod to see cousins Gloria and Joan. What a trip - driving through Boston's morning rush traffic then returning during the evening rush hour traffic! Horrible! We had a great visit and even stopped at the town of Plymouth to see the "rock". First time I have been there!
My last night was spent with Cuz, Hilary, Melissa having lobster rolls and playing cribbage.
All in all a good visit with Mom who continues to recover from her summer surgery.
Mom and I also baked three apple recipes (an apple-lemon-squash muffin which I really liked) including Mom's baked apple cuplets and an apple pie! All yummy!

Grandma Terri holding baby Anthony (born early August) and Kimberlee next to them:
And a photo of the little brook that babbles near our property. Looks harmless now - you should see it in the spring with the snow melt-off/spring thaw!

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