Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - Horsing Around

I had AA try on lots of clothes in her closet and stored away; it is that semi-annual event here that takes at least an hour, so I plan for it. She is moving into the next size so in with the new, out with the old!The L.L. Bean girls skirt is a favorite of ours as it has the built-in/attached shorts. My Mom, her Nana, found this one in a khaki material with embroidered horses. It will be great for Fall with a short or long sleeve top. So here's my daily dose of AA!

She's our happy blessing (standing in front of her Harry Potter character poster!)!
And we also wish my sister, Melissa, "Auntie-M" a Happy Birthday today!
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Catherine said...

Ah yes, it's that time around here too! A bit overwhelming to start with but with a plan it gets done.

AA's new skirt looks adorable on her! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Nina Bille said...

You have an adorable daughter - such a sweet smile! Lovely pictures :)

Wanda said...

Hey there...finally getting around to visiting my fav blogs. Funny....we did the same thing here this week-end (only it took us way more than an are impressive!)

Love the skirt and Miss AA is looking cuter than ever.

Happy Fall! xoxo

Christine said...

She is such a beauty! Love the skirt, gotta get one for my girly!

Sennie said...

She's beautiful! I love pulling out my older one's clothes for my little one. Special to see the favorites again<3