Friday, October 05, 2012

School Lunch Notes - Friday Photos Link Up

I asked Daddy (Dear Hubby) to save some of the school lunch notes he writes to AA each day. I looked on the table and saw this pile of notes, so yes, he did save them. I think AA will like seeing these notes when she is older, so putting the photos on the blog (and then making it into a book) will guarantee that she will read them in the future.

Good job Daddy!
I am hooking up with three Bloggers for their Fabulous Friday Photos!
The In Him We LiveMcDougall Photography and The Long Road to China. (and please tell me how to insert their "buttons"; this new blogger goes very "squirrely" when I try to paste the copied html).


Desirae R said...

Such a sweet thing to do!

Jennifer said...

Awwww. These are great! What a wonderful moment to capture. Thanks for linking up. :)

Kim said...

OMW.... AA is the luckiest little girl ever... Hugz..