Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Golf Tournament - Eagle Harbor

I write some more current updates on Facebook, so sometimes feel like deja vu writing on the blog!
From FB: The Eagle Golf Course was wonderful, great for kids, well groomed, friendly staff. A good experience. Here's AA hitting a fairway shot with the EH water park in the background. BTW, she placed second of three girls.
Before the tournament, waiting to go to hole #1:

Caddy Daddy doing a little coaching; helping her line up for the shot:
Missed the bunker by a few inches!
Eagle Harbor Water park in the background:
Girls "Seven and under" awards:
Scoreboard for all age groups:

AA and Joe Forte, both all smiles (yes, I asked them to "shake" and both did so - such well behaved kids!!):

The hanging of the medal at home:

We love the U.S. Kids Tour!

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Vivian M said...

She looks awesome out there, great form! Congrats AA on the medals. :o)