Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Visit with Nana and Grandpa Morgan

We drove to Okeechobee to visit with my In-Laws. AA was excited to help Grandpa celebrate his birthday. She picked out a birthday balloon for Grandpa (and one for herself!) and knew that there would be cake and ice cream as the treat! The weather was hot during mid-day but nice in the morning and evening. We went to the pool for a morning swim and then Hubby, Grandpa Bill took AA to practice her golf at the Okeechobee Golf and Country Club. Nana, AA and I went to a park craft festival in the afternoon where AA had a "train" ride. Nana cooked some great meals and Grandpa shared his birthday cake and ice cream!

We spent some time outside under their car port (makes a great patio) and AA had a new bubble blowing toy (next post is on bubbles!). We also were visited by very LARGE frogs! See last photo!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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Cora Huffman said...

looks like a fun way to spend the day!