Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reflecting - Friday Evening

Very rarely do we have an evening or even a dinner alone. Quiet time together is so rare. With me working full time and Dear Hubby the "Stay at Home Daddy", our littlest daughter gets all our attention. If you have read our blog over the past four years since having AA, you know we do not have a babysitter. It just wasn't going to work those first few years and now we are beginning to ease into the thought of trying again. We have had a few dinners out when our married daughter sits her (along with her two small children) or Aunt Carolyn comes for a visit. When we travel to Maine, we usually get several evenings out as AA loves staying with her Nana and Auntie-M.
Our church has a "Parents Night Out" occasionally, so we have taken advantage of that, to go out to dinner. AA loves going as long as there is a fellow kindergarten school friend to play with and helps put her at ease. She calls the Orange Park UMC, her church. We are so happy she loves going there.
This time, rather than mixing in with the Friday night crowds, we went to our favorite hang out, the River House (it's a bar/club on the St. Johns River, on the Club Continental property, but a separate membership). They do not serve food unless you count in the old fashion popcorn machine which is AA's number one food group.
So for our evening out, my Hubby packed a picnic and we sat on the deck with a glass of their very good house Cabernet and enjoyed the water views, people watching and just say hello with a friendly smile as members came and went. A great place to unwind and have some much needed adult conversation about us - our family, our plans, our schedules, our life.

I have linked this over at SouleMama, a great blog to read about a family digging deeper in living in my home State of Maine!

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