Monday, September 24, 2012

Different This Time Around...

We recently celebrated our 4th Anniversary of Forever Family Day. The day marking the first time Alyzabeth was placed in her Mother’s arms. A moment defined with more emotions than a Webster’s dictionary.

Having two grown children, I am occasionally asked if my “parenting skills” are different this time around. The easy answer is a simple Yes.
In truth, my parenting skills have changed because I want to believe I have changed. My hope would be to something better than the old Ford. More patient. More forgiving. More loving. Less self-centered. Less hurried. Less angry. The older children endured more of my fault years as I struggled to become a better Father. A better husband. A better person.

Different “parenting skills” this time around? For the benefit of our children and my dear wife. I can only pray…


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Kathy said...

Nice way of aying these oh so true words. We, too are raising our daughter with more patience and understanding. She has 4 older siblings, and hoping I am making it better for her from my mistakes I learned as a younger parent.