Thursday, September 20, 2012

Daily Dose of AA - New Outfit

My Hubby stopped into a store last Friday (09/14/12) when he needed to kill some time before picking up AA from school. He found the sporty blue top and thought it would be great for golfing. He also found the black skirt (the type I love with the built in shorts) to match. We were meeting friends Kenny and Pam at the River House so she wore her new outfit and had some fun trying to avoid getting her picture taken!!!

The above photo was taken on our way home, it was dark out and I was still trying to get a "good" picture. I had her take her glasses off due to the flash. Still need to take a photography class with the fancy camera (Nikon 40DX) we have to learn more "tricks of the trade"!

And, last one of her funny faces - she would hardly stand still for me to take these photos and most of the time I was aiming at her back as she thought it was great fun to run and hide from the camera!! All in the life of a new 6 year old! Today is her birthday!! Happy Birthday to our youngest daughter!


dawn said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear A A
Happy birthday to you

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday AA. Hope you have a great day. Daddy did an awesome job picking out the outfit.