Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekend Beach Fun

After the most recent golf tournament, we headed to St. Augustine Beach to visit with daughter Leaa and pick up Grand-Alivia for a sleep over in a local hotel (I won't mention the name, but we will never stay there again! It was advertised as a budget hotel, but the room was very "beachy", there was a long walk to get to the beach - through Hammock Park boardwalk, the breakfast was almost non-existent, the swimming pool was the smallest we have ever seen, etc...).
We knew better :(

We had lots of fun on the beach with the high tide coming in; so many waves to jump and get knocked over in but we did have to keep an eye on the rip currents!
We then went to the motel pool for a swim before heading out for dinner, a trip to the carrousel park and a stop for ice cream!
The next morning we had brunch at Cafe Eleven (11) - a GREAT place to eat, and then off to the park again!

After cleaning up, off to dinner at a local, small Italian Restaurant, Romano's (next to the Purple Olive).

Then to the Carousel Park, the girls love riding the merry-go-round. This was the first time I did not stand by Alyzabeth during the ride, she was quite willing to follow Alivia's lead and be a big girl!

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