Thursday, August 09, 2012

Travis And Jack

It was my Father that first introduced me to the writings of John D. Macdonald.  It was John D. Macdonald who introduced me to his fictional series character, Travis Magee.

I devoured each book and along the way I proceeded to introduce my son Justin to the author. We each boast the full Travis Magee collection. Paperback and Hardback.
I remember the emptiness I felt on the day Mr. Macdonald died. The realization that Travis Magee had also died pulled a piece of me with it. The sense of mourning was real.

It would be Justin who introduced me to Lee Child. It was Lee Child who then introduced me to his fictional series character, Jack Reacher.

I miss John D. Macdonald to this day. I would visit the grave of Travis Magee did one exist. I miss Travis. I'm happy to have met Jack.

Thank you Dad for inspiring me to read. Thank you Justin for helping to heal my void.

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