Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Golfing at Val Halla, Cumberland, Maine

Another post about our vacation....... Ford scoped out a great course that is so "Junior" friendly while on vacation. This course, Val Halla is in Maine (Cumberland area) and was wonderful to walk. Of course, I still need help as to loading photos and rearranging them without making a mess (which I have done - any hints?), so they are out of order, reverse order:
Having dinner afterwards, I had Maine shrimp Caesar salad, Hubby had fried clams and AA had the Haddock Chowder (one of her favorite soups, she had it several times in Maine). All was good, very surprised at the little cafe and the quality of food. They do a great job of welcoming Juniors to play (and so inexpensive!) and the food was good enough to keep coming back.

Rachel's Cafe:

AA playing nine holes, beautiful course!

She was so happy in this photo as she hit a drive over the water hazard/pond; a few days ago she didn't do that, so the second time was perfect!


Nana Ann said...

Hope to walk the course with her next year. Can't wait.

Nana Ann said...

Or maybe I'll need the golf cart to keep up with her.