Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Golf Tournament - Jacksonville Beach Golf Club

The first two photos are of Alyzabeth following the Jacksonville Beach US Kids Golf Tournament, the kickoff for the local 2012 Fall Tour.
We had a great day and will keep playing as long as Alyzabeth says it is fun! She likes being outside, going on "road trips" and riding in the golf cart too!

Caddy confers with daughter:

Which includes a few hugs along the way:

First time AA ended up in the sand bunker. Will need to ask Coach to show her how to get out of it!

Caddy looking pretty spiffy in his new Caddy bib :)

There were two girls in the age group 7 and under. Kaitlan S. is almost the maximum age and Alyzabeth is the youngest, so you can see the difference. AA finished second (and last) but enjoyed the medal. A very nice organization. If you live in the area, please sign up, the more the merrier!
Thanks to new U.S. Kids Golf regional Director, Matthew Forte for scheduling the Jacksonville Local Tour.


Stephe said...

Way to go! Golf is GREAT!

Jboo said...

Looks like fun! So great to learn a sport she can play her whole life!