Thursday, August 16, 2012

Final Post on Boston - Love that City!

Still have not mastered uploading multiple photos; end up all out of order.These are from Boston including a tour of Harpoon Brewery, walking through the Boston Gardens, eating out at several Italian restaurants and one Chinese (near our hotel Hyatt), the Swan Boat ride and the Duck tour! Quack, quack!
So much fun! Then we were greeted in Portland by friend Victoria Photos and my sister Melissa. Up to Little Sebago Lake to see my Mom and all was well!

We enjoyed the free Starbuck samples of their new refreshing cold drinks:

Sister Melissa, calling our Mom to tell her we arrived:

Friend Vicki getting ready to follow us in her car to the lake! She was in town for a very short weekend visit to attend a reunion; glad we got to visit!

First ride on the Sea-Doo:

We love to travel and can't wait to spend more time in Maine once I retire (ah, I need patience until that happens!).

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