Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Final Photos Part 2 - Portland

More from our trip to Maine.We went to the Maine Wildlife Game farm/Park in Gray (Dry Mills). Lots of animals and great wood carvings (they host a chain saw carving contest in August). The farm is for animals who can no longer survive in the wild. Baby Deer/Fawns (3), so cute to see:

Visiting one of our favorite seafood summer restaurants, at the Freeport Town Landing:
My fried scallops:
Playing at Nana's:
Perfect temperatures:
Toasting marshmallows at my sisters, enjoying with friends and family.... also somemores.... yummy!

Visit with Cuz Will Redmond:
Playing cribbage with Deb and Rocky. The ladies won the pairs game!
Aunt Patti with sister Melissa:

We enjoyed time with family!

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