Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Final Photos Part 1 - Portland

Pictures for our family album of Gray and Portland, Part 1 (I will need a Part 2!).
One chilly, rainy day we made hot chocolate and snuggles on the couch!

Daddy took AA for a ride on the Maine Railroad in Portland (he didn't have anything nice to say about it, so beware if you go).

Playing horseshoes at my Mom's - AA got a ringer on her first throw!
Reading her books, keeping up with the summer reading:
We went to the Gray, Maine Wildlife Animal Farm/Park. Saw lots of animals (they only keep those who cannot be reintroduced into the wold). We really enjoyed the stroll and family time. You should go!
We ate alot of Lobster rolls and Becky's had an "above average" one. You can order it traditional with mayo or naked with melted butter on the side:

I did try to help (okay, I dug 90% of the one post hole!) when our very talented and industrious cousin Jim came to do a huge favor for my Mom: he built an excellent, sturdy railing for her front door steps. It was amazing what he did in less than two hours. He probably would have been faster except for all the "supervisors" chatting with him!

AA loves playing fighting Reindeer - as in clashing antlers. Not sure when this began, but it has been going on a long time. Nana tried her best to humor AA!
Leaving on the Amtrak Train - DownEaster:

One of our meals in Portland, great pizza by the slice and a next door bar to enjoy it with a beverage.

Our last night, we spent in the Holiday Inn Back bay, allowed us to be closer to the train station and visit my Mom the evening before. We were going to surprise her that morning with a visit and the Holiday Inn graciously took us over and back on their shuttle. We were happy to get a taxi but they were so nice! In this HI, the personnel made the visit special, from the breakfast wait staff to the front desk, we had a great last night in Portland.
 Of course, AA had her own fun making a "den" (who know if it was for bears, lions or reindeer!) on her bed.
Waiting for the HI shuttle to take us to the train station. We loved the free shuttle!
We ate Sunday brunch at Ri Ra's Irish Pub with friend Debbie Emmons. We were heading to a High School social but it was rained out. We enjoyed our visit with Deb and had a view of the harbor.
We visited with SJRPP Florida co-worker Larry Gochnour while he and his family were vacationing in New England:

 We stopped frequently at this farm stand to buy fresh, local produce, right on Rt. 26, a bit north of Gray:
We visited with cousin Sharon while she was in the rehab facility seeing my Mom, so sweet of her to come! She's younger sister to our Florida Aunt Carolyn!

More fun on the Sea-Doo with cousin Andrew:

While eating dinner at Otto's in Portland, a nice woman asked if we wanted our family photo taken? Turns out she's a professional photographer traveling with her hubby and kids. Always nice to meet nice strangers! Why are we more trusting when we are in our childhood home towns?

Walking the side streets of Portland, ran into several bakeries that had boasting signs about being on Martha Stewart or one of the Food Network TV shows! AA goofing on the steps of the Cranberry Island Kitchen.
I need one more post to finish the Maine photos! Almost done!

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