Monday, August 20, 2012

Cheap Finds - Goodwill

We occasionally stop by the local Goodwill store for bargains. Yes, we are frugal when it comes to some purchases which allows us to spend more on other things that are much more fun!
There are so many things that we think we need, but if you look at Goodwill you may find it at a great price. And you think about the real value of each item and is it really necessary to buy it new.
Alyzabeth loves looking at the used Disney VHS tape, at 49 cents or 99 cents, she can buy several!
Here are three bargains that hubby bought recently. A camera tripod, electric grill and a food processor.

We still own the "Little Oscar" food processor that was given to us as a wedding gift by my Mom & Dad. It is really handy and works great after almost 27 years! Since Dear Hubby (DH) has cooked extensively over the past five or more years, he has wanted a little larger food processor.
We also had an electric grill given to us by my In-Laws. Worked great but developed a crack after much use. When we moved, we decided it needed to go, afraid it would break on us. We missed it so, the Goodwill find was great and it looked brand new! So we had grilled burgers - Yummy!

Whenever we want to take a group photo using the remote to our Nikon 40DX, we have to improvise to find a place to set the camera on/down. Now, with a tripod, a perfect shot at the right height can be made. So what did he pay for each item? $4.99 each. A bargain. Happy shopping!


fuzzandfuzzlet said...


I love thrift shop finds. Not only are you saving money but you are keeping items out of the land fill.

Like you we often buy movies at the thrift shop. This was especially helpful when my kids were younger. We could buy movies for cheaper than renting. ( a friend recently bought a VCR for her girls play room simply because VHS tapes are so easy to find. )

Stephe said...

Awesome deals! I want one of those electric grills!!! I usually only shop thrift for clothes, glassware and party decorations. Now I think I will expand my searches! Thanks for the tip!!!!