Monday, August 13, 2012

Appalachian Trail - Baxter State Park - Day 1

Hilary and I drove to Baxter State Park and stopped for lunch in my old college town of Orono. We enjoyed my favorite "Maine" sandwich - the "Italian" on the riverbank. Then on to our lodgings past Millinocket.We stayed at a wonderful "old feeling" family camp now called the New England Outdoor Center (NEOC) at the southern base of Baxter State Park.

Here's the park where we enjoyed our lunch:

Our cabin for 2.5 days (included all furnishings, linens, dishes, two full beds plus bunk beds, one full bath and lake frontage with dock). Great place to stay! Check the web site for all amenities. We enjoyed a dinner and one breakfast in the on site restaurant/registration building.

Our "easy" hike was about three miles and had some interesting pathways. Lucky for me, my vertigo spells that crippled me for almost two years have been missing for the past three months). I felt well enough to chance the hike and hope for the best. It did slap us in the face about how out of shape we are!!

The white paint bar n the trees showed the way on the Appalacian Trail; all other trails are marked with the blue paint.
Strange looking plants! Bell shaped with translucent white stems.

The official map marked up by Hilary. She planned everything for this trip! Yeah!
It was a great trip and the next day proved to be the real challenge. First time I ever hiked seven hours!

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