Sunday, August 26, 2012

AA's New Chipping Swing!

Following our first tournament outing, Alyzabeth's coach ask her what was the best part of her game and the part that gave her the most trouble. Alyzabeth quickly answered that her driving was the best. After consulting with her caddy she determined that her chipping needed help. One time it would be fine and then the next couple of times, not so good.

So Coach Doug had her set up to practice some chips to the green but asked Alyzabeth to remove her glove. He then had her hold the glove under her right arm while she made the shot, reminding her to not let the glove drop!
It was like watching a magic act. The shots started to land softly and consistently on the green. Our final instruction was to practice the swing at home while holding a towel under both arms.

Practice, practice, practice... :)

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dawn said...

She just looks so professional.
I was a caddy during my last 2 years in school, fun times.