Saturday, July 07, 2012

White Tooth - Thank You Dr. Gary

AA has had some dental work in the past and the only thing left was an optional whitening of one of her front teeth. We put it off since it was not necessary. But over the past year, it seemed to get more discolored. So off to the dentist for some white "paint"! This is not a cap or a veneer. Only some type of "paint". I wasn't there so maybe Hubby has a better word for it. AA is so happy. She had reminded us many times that the Dentist said he could fix that last "brown" tooth. So it is done. Love her bright smile!
Before (looking straight at the photo, it is the front left big tooth, her right big tooth are you confused?):

Happy smiles!


Jen said...

Yay for AA! Our Emma has such teeth issues, probably from lack of good nutrition in China, either in the womb or in the SWI, or both. We are hope, hope, hoping that her permanent teeth come in looking better.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Longtime reader, almost never comment! I am very curious what this "paint" could be. I needed treatment for the same issue and have had something called "bonding" done in the past, which now needs to be replaced. I have tried googling what this "paint" could be, with no luck. It sounds like a great alternative, but maybe it is the same as the bonding that I currently have? Any chance Ford knows the name of the treatment and could post it here in the comments? I would appreciate it so much!!
~a mom of 3 in PA :)

Vivian M said...

It looks awesome!