Sunday, July 22, 2012

While We Are Enjoying Summer...... The Tiger Came For Tea

We are having a wonderful summer so am WAY behind in posting about all the activities we have done. Inbetween all the fun, we enjoy having AA read a book to us each day.
During the WAIT, I searched out favorite, classic, traditional books for a young reader; I found an international best/top 10 list and bought many of them. This one I found on-line from England. What a treat and the illustrations are so cute to help the imagination.
What favorite books are you reading this summer?


dawn said...

We have that book, we bought it back with us from a visit to Nannie and grandpa.
WE have been reading so many.....with Rosie they nearly all become favourites. The child thrives on monotony. LOL

Anonymous said...

This was one of my favourites when I was little, why don't you try 'Six Dinner Sid' about a cat that calls at different houses for dinner, 'Alfie and Annie Rose' Books, Brambly Hedge books (very sweet)and also Katie Morag books about a little girl who lives on a Scottish island they all have lovely illustrations.

Happy Reading!

Katie in England