Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Sandals and Foot Book

I cleaned out AA's older shoes, and found her first pair of sandals (flip-flops) that I bought her. They were way too big, so we waited a year before she could wear them. At the same time, AA's sister gave her a pair of Livi's flip-flops she had outgrown. They were too big for AA until now. Fast forward to me going through her "basket" of shoes, and I find the older flip-flops of AA's and the hand-me-downs from Livi. I took AA's old ones to see if Grand #3 can fit into them. She is growing so fast and at 2.5 years old wears mostly the same size as AA (at age 5.5). But the sandals fit. And AA fits in Livi's. So here's the girls in their hand-me-down sandals. Of course, Dylan would not stand still and did not understand why I was taking pictures of her feet! AA tried to stay beside her so I could get the picture.
I didn't notice that on the floor was Dr. Seuss book, "The Foot Book"!

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