Monday, July 09, 2012

Monday Girls Day Out - Lunch

Now that school is out, this was one of the few Mondays, AA and I were able to have a lunch date.
First, the day started out with all three of us. With Hubby, we went to our past neighbors grave to do some clean up and place new American flags. Then to the bank, drop off a donation at church, drop off shirts at the dry cleaners, check in on the boat repairs.....
Then AA and I were cleaned up, dressed up and headed to the Town Center. We had a great lunch at P.F. Chang, although was one of our most expensive lunches, seemed a bit costly..... and with no alcohol purchases! A cup of soup, Thai salad, Salmon along with a side salad. We did try the ginger soda, and boy, did it STRONGLY taste of fresh ginger root. As it should. Very strange, but still good. Have you had it? We left half of it as it was so strong. Must be an acquired taste.
We enjoyed using the chop sticks and had fun shopping.

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