Sunday, July 08, 2012

Monday Girls Day Out - Bra Shopping

I knew you would love this title...... I bought Victoria Secret bras for quite awhile, I think the last time was a few months after the Jacksonville Town Center location opened. So that was..... hummm seven years ago? Good thing the VS bras really last.
It had been a long time, so I must have had this conversation with cousin Carolyn as for my birthday she gave me a gift card to Victoria Secret. So now I had to go shopping. I don't really like to shop that much, yes, it can be fun, BUT can take a long time, don't always find what you want, etc....
Since AA's school is out, I decided we would make the trip to the Town Center and have lunch at P.F. Chang. Yummy Chinese food!
First, we did the necessary task of buying new bras, two to be exact. In very basic colors. I wish I had a picture of AA blushing when she saw all the BRIGHT colored underwear! She giggled as I held up several samples for her to see! Yep, she is a plain dresser just like her Mom.
So the style I bought, for this 54 year old........? Sexy Tee, yep, that's my very boring bra style!
Only VS can make underwear sounds so exciting! The good part is they are all on sale right now, so the price was better too.

And the color..... white and beige. Suits me just fine.


Jboo said...

Too funny!!!

Jen said...

Hilarious, eye-catching title. :)

Vivian M said...

So funny...Kerri just asked me for a training bra!