Sunday, June 10, 2012

VPK - School is Out! Part 1

We were so shocked; so very pleasantly shocked when we saw AA's "Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten" school photo (Florida's VPK).
We have never bought the "school package offered" as she did not like or really let anyone else take her picture. She frowned or cried in the last two years sessions.
What a difference a year makes! AA has just grown so much, she's 5.5 years old, so many "firsts" this year! For those who are having a tough time with your little one, ours has really caught up in most every way after being with us for 3.5 years (Okay, yes, there are a few things that AA still reacts to, that all will improve in her time).
What a smile! We are so proud of AA (and of the school photographer)!
Happy Summertime!

(we were not offered the digital file so I took a picture best I could without getting alot of reflective light from the glossy photo)

Over the next week, we will post a few more end of school photos; yippee - summer is here!


Catherine said...

What beautiful graduation photos!! Way to go AA! It sounds funny but it's almost like I can see her increased confidence in these beautiful pics!

Enjoy your summer AA!

Kim said...

love that smile..
Happy Sunday..

Vivian M said...

Congratulations AA on your graduation! Your picture turned out great. :o) Hope you have a fantastic summer - and beat Daddy at golf! ;o)