Saturday, June 30, 2012

Since 2005........

This isn't about how long we have been blogging, but if you guessed that, we did start in 2005.
This is about the first time we went shopping at a discount, membership wholesale club - in our case, BJ's. My parents were members mainly for the gas discounts. We had resisted as with only two of us at home, we didn't see the need for the membership and buying large quantities. Boy, were we wrong!
When my parents came in spring of 2005, we made our first trip to the local BJ's. Of course, we found all sorts of commodities to buy in bulk. We had a dog and five cats at the time. The savings alone from what we were paying for pet food (and kitty litter) and the difference at BJ's, paid for the membership in three visits buying only pet food!
My first favorite item was the HUGE box of plastic wrap. I was so enthralled with the container and the little cutting tool mounted on top. I loved the idea of having it on hand and the ease of cutting it without that nasty metal serrated edge that most come with (have you ever cut yourself on one of those? Nasty jagged cut!). I thought it would last a year.  Never did I think that in 2012, I would finally run out!  With the widespread use of plastic zip-lock bags, we do use less plastic wrap than in the "old days". And I don't need to buy another as my cousin moved recently and gave me back one I had given her. Yes, I was so impressed with the plastic wrap "zip-safe" tool, as a slight joke, we bought some of the family a box of wrap as a Christmas stocking stuffer! Her box has about half left, so I figure I won't need to buy anymore until about 2016!
The worn out old box, a friend to us for seven years! (my hubby actually thought to take a picture before he threw it away)


Catherine said...

LOL! Now that's getting your money's worth!!

Hmmm...if only the snack foods I buy at Costco could be consumed at a similar rate it would be much better. :o)

Vivian M said...

I have one of those!!! Now that I think of it, I have had it since 2007... :o)