Friday, June 15, 2012


June 7, 2012
I've marked the date:

Alyzabeth's first nine holes on the course.
Full golf rules in effect and she responded to the challenge. She and a golfing classmate, Gentry (six years old). Gentry's Mom and I were their caddies.

I have to remind myself she is only five and a half.

She shot a 61.
If you golf - try for a moment to remember your first time on the course.
No mulligans.
Whiffs count a stroke.
No gimmes.
Now suck up the nerves and swing with others watching.

We are proud of her. A years worth of hard work is coming together.
I doubt she comprehends what she has accomplished. From a golf perspective. More importantly, from a personal growth perspective.

From the very beginning her Coach has stressed character development. Adults were to be addressed when introduced. Manners were required at all times. Attention was not an option when spoken to.
FUN for Alyzabeth was an equal requirement of each session and stressed as much as any swing.

With school out we can hit the course more often now. Early in the morning in an attempt to escape from the humidity and summer heat bearing down.
Alyzabeth and I put together her Summer Schedule the other day. Nine holes of golf was penciled in for each Tuesday and Thursday.  Her nine hole score for 1100 yards, Par 36 has been reduced to 51. She told her Mom the other night she wants to shoot a 47!
It will happen.

Now if only I could shoot a 47 for nine holes!

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