Friday, June 29, 2012

Dragon Boat Race - Green Cove Springs

Our local FCC group planned a Dragon Boat Race in a park near us. Most of the FCC events are far enough away that we usually don't attend (except the annual Chinese New Year Celebration). It was nice to have them plan one on our "side of the river" but unfortunately, Tropical Depression Debby rained pretty hard. A few families who traveled a good distance stayed and had fun (some of the children loved running in the cold rain and having the park to themselves). It was too cold for us and we are fuddy-duddies (is that the word?). It was 70 degrees out and a cold rain. Nope, so we left.

AA and I had practiced making paper dragon boats. We found a YouTube video for one using a square paper (like origami) and one with rectangle paper. We made quite a few. So we spent the day inside, dry and enjoyed a quiet Sunday afternoon.
It is hard to see the shape of the boat with the bright white paper. We made many sizes and will have to race them another day!

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Catherine said...

What a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon together. Sorry you had to miss the event. :o(