Friday, June 01, 2012

Conversations With Alyzabeth

Sweet Dreams Lovie...

I think about the other night, after we had finished prayers.
It was dark but I could see your eyes looking at mine - something often hard for you to do. Each night we ask for God's blessings upon our family by name. We rattle off the different states they live in. You like to add cities. And you never fail to include China. The nannies. The babies. And your China mom and dad.

Dad, do you think they miss me?
I'm sure they do. They wonder how beautiful you've grown? How smart you are? Most of all, I think they hope you are very, very happy.

I knew who you meant. I'm glad you asked. I like knowing that even at this young age you know that asking Mom and I about your first Mom and Dad is OK. It's more than OK, it's what we hope and expect from that beautiful heart that beats within.  

We love you Alyzabeth An. Forever. And ever...
The continued, no longer imaginary, Conversations With Alyzabeth.


Kimberley said...

We have never had a question yet. Sophia actually avoids any conversations about this topic. I hope that one day she can open up like Alyzabeth.

Laureen said...

I love that our girls can feel the freedom and security in our love to express their feelings for their China parents. Isabel still talks about the farm her China dad had. And I had to verify to her classmates in kindergarten this year that YES, she did indeed have three moms. Her china mom, her foster mom and me.
I am thankful for her pride in her past. And grateful that Alyzabeth has found the freedom to being the inner dialogue as well.