Monday, June 25, 2012

Cara's Bridal Shower - Saturday June 23rd

Cara's day.......One of our youngest "young adults" in our family is getting married. Daughter Leaa and sister-in-law Katie (Cara's sister) planned a special, sweet bridal shower. It was at a small local cupcake bakery that most of us did not know existed. Cara's family made delicious chicken salad sandwiches and served mimosas. Mini cupcakes and a cupcake to go completed the celebration. I was able to catch up on Carolyn's news so pretty much was not very social; I miss my cousin; she lives too far away for frequent visits, thanks for driving to the shower!

The Bride having the first mimosa - good choice for celebrations!

 Grand #2 - all smiles:
 Can you see Auntie Carolyn whispering to AA behind the shop window? Thick as thieves!
And I definitely took more pictures of the "Grands" and AA than the guest of honor and the guests. Oops!

Stella was smiling just as bright as the older girls.

Congratulations to Cara!

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Nana Ann said...

My best to a very sweet Cara. Those grands are beautiful. Heart breakers all!