Saturday, June 30, 2012

Since 2005........

This isn't about how long we have been blogging, but if you guessed that, we did start in 2005.
This is about the first time we went shopping at a discount, membership wholesale club - in our case, BJ's. My parents were members mainly for the gas discounts. We had resisted as with only two of us at home, we didn't see the need for the membership and buying large quantities. Boy, were we wrong!
When my parents came in spring of 2005, we made our first trip to the local BJ's. Of course, we found all sorts of commodities to buy in bulk. We had a dog and five cats at the time. The savings alone from what we were paying for pet food (and kitty litter) and the difference at BJ's, paid for the membership in three visits buying only pet food!
My first favorite item was the HUGE box of plastic wrap. I was so enthralled with the container and the little cutting tool mounted on top. I loved the idea of having it on hand and the ease of cutting it without that nasty metal serrated edge that most come with (have you ever cut yourself on one of those? Nasty jagged cut!). I thought it would last a year.  Never did I think that in 2012, I would finally run out!  With the widespread use of plastic zip-lock bags, we do use less plastic wrap than in the "old days". And I don't need to buy another as my cousin moved recently and gave me back one I had given her. Yes, I was so impressed with the plastic wrap "zip-safe" tool, as a slight joke, we bought some of the family a box of wrap as a Christmas stocking stuffer! Her box has about half left, so I figure I won't need to buy anymore until about 2016!
The worn out old box, a friend to us for seven years! (my hubby actually thought to take a picture before he threw it away)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Dragon Boat Race - Green Cove Springs

Our local FCC group planned a Dragon Boat Race in a park near us. Most of the FCC events are far enough away that we usually don't attend (except the annual Chinese New Year Celebration). It was nice to have them plan one on our "side of the river" but unfortunately, Tropical Depression Debby rained pretty hard. A few families who traveled a good distance stayed and had fun (some of the children loved running in the cold rain and having the park to themselves). It was too cold for us and we are fuddy-duddies (is that the word?). It was 70 degrees out and a cold rain. Nope, so we left.

AA and I had practiced making paper dragon boats. We found a YouTube video for one using a square paper (like origami) and one with rectangle paper. We made quite a few. So we spent the day inside, dry and enjoyed a quiet Sunday afternoon.
It is hard to see the shape of the boat with the bright white paper. We made many sizes and will have to race them another day!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Cakes - Sunday, The Day After

One of the sweet benefit for going to Cara's Bridal Shower, was that everyone could pick out a cupcake to take home. AA selected the mint chocolate chip cupcake and I picked the coconut Key lime cupcake (I copied Carolyn once I heard which one she picked!). Both were delicious and enjoyed with a cup of hot green tea. A nice moment on a rainy Sunday afternoon with Tropical Storm Debby hanging around this week! Rain, rain, please go away!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cara's Bridal Shower - Saturday June 23rd

Cara's day.......One of our youngest "young adults" in our family is getting married. Daughter Leaa and sister-in-law Katie (Cara's sister) planned a special, sweet bridal shower. It was at a small local cupcake bakery that most of us did not know existed. Cara's family made delicious chicken salad sandwiches and served mimosas. Mini cupcakes and a cupcake to go completed the celebration. I was able to catch up on Carolyn's news so pretty much was not very social; I miss my cousin; she lives too far away for frequent visits, thanks for driving to the shower!

The Bride having the first mimosa - good choice for celebrations!

 Grand #2 - all smiles:
 Can you see Auntie Carolyn whispering to AA behind the shop window? Thick as thieves!
And I definitely took more pictures of the "Grands" and AA than the guest of honor and the guests. Oops!

Stella was smiling just as bright as the older girls.

Congratulations to Cara!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Grand #2's Dance Recital - June 2012

Alivia's dance recital was lots of fun with most of the family there. I wish I had taken a group photo, but it was really crowded. We did get to hold new baby Mila and see all the kids, Justin, Leaa, Nicole, Christa, Cara, plus all three grand-kids. Alivia did a great job and looked as beautiful as ever. A family dinner at Cracker Barrel afterwards fit the bill too.
Grandma Cathy with her Grand #4 in her arms:

Beautiful and talented Alivia, our Grand #2:

Cathy's iPhone has the in focus photo!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daily Dose of AA - St. Augustine

As I have posted, we have been over to St. Augustine to visit cousin Gloria as she rehabilitates.
Our last day moving her out of the condo was sad, she has been there for 30 years and we have always had her family nearby plus the use of her condo pool and oceanfront. I took a few pictures of AA for my daily dose - this time a little goofy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day on Sunday, the 17th! AA was an early riser and wanted Daddy to open his gifts! She made him two cards, one from school and one with Mommy.
Morning darling:

Friday, June 15, 2012


June 7, 2012
I've marked the date:

Alyzabeth's first nine holes on the course.
Full golf rules in effect and she responded to the challenge. She and a golfing classmate, Gentry (six years old). Gentry's Mom and I were their caddies.

I have to remind myself she is only five and a half.

She shot a 61.
If you golf - try for a moment to remember your first time on the course.
No mulligans.
Whiffs count a stroke.
No gimmes.
Now suck up the nerves and swing with others watching.

We are proud of her. A years worth of hard work is coming together.
I doubt she comprehends what she has accomplished. From a golf perspective. More importantly, from a personal growth perspective.

From the very beginning her Coach has stressed character development. Adults were to be addressed when introduced. Manners were required at all times. Attention was not an option when spoken to.
FUN for Alyzabeth was an equal requirement of each session and stressed as much as any swing.

With school out we can hit the course more often now. Early in the morning in an attempt to escape from the humidity and summer heat bearing down.
Alyzabeth and I put together her Summer Schedule the other day. Nine holes of golf was penciled in for each Tuesday and Thursday.  Her nine hole score for 1100 yards, Par 36 has been reduced to 51. She told her Mom the other night she wants to shoot a 47!
It will happen.

Now if only I could shoot a 47 for nine holes!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Final School Year End Ceremony - Photos Part 3

The Pre-K school end of year ceremony was very pleasant, each class sang a song and received a "diploma/certificate". Another first from AA: she actually was on stage with her class, singing songs and being a "big girl"! We are so proud of how far she has come from the extremely withdrawn child a couple of years ago. On to Kindergarten in August!

Walking to the stage with Ryder, always beside her:

Alyzabeth keeps Ryder straight; here she is pulling on his shirt to make him get in line:

Singing God Bless America
Ryder getting extra attention from teacher Mrs. Robin: