Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Miscellaneous Stuff - May 2012

Today, we are awaiting some good news about Gloria's surgery and hoping to see her in the ICU recovering by afternoon.
This post will be more catching up from April/May: I had a wonderful Mother's Day including some really exotic tulips sent to my by my Mom. AA brought home some home made flowers in a green sand covered vase, a card and the form completed with everything she can think of about me! Ha! Next there are a few more pictures of AA's school work; I can't save everything so pictures are a great way to capture a variety of all the papers she brings home each day.

A note AA and her Auntie Carolyn wrote one day together:
AA and her Daddy went to the first day of the big, local golf tournament; AA seemed to be really thrilled to tell me all about their adventures that day, especially all the golfers who walked right by her. Next we will go tour the LPGA Headquarters near Daytona Beach, as a special day trip for her.
So many things going on, hope to catch up someday on our news. AA loves going through the books I order of this blog. We can tell stories for a long time with these great memories!

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Briana's Mom said...

I totally understand all the papers/artwork that Bri has! She brings tons and tons home from school. I just can't keep it all!

I love having my blog books too. I hope Briana will cherish them!