Friday, May 25, 2012

Golf Lesson - My Turn!

I don't usually take AA to her lesson, so on the 19th it was a treat for me while Hubby went off by himself for a fun activity at Maggie's Herb Farm (he made plant pots from hypertufa!). Hubby will not take the camera for the lessons, but I am not bashful and sneaked in a few before the lesson began. Chipping practice:

She is in a junior golf group class with her Golf instructor, Doug Cody, where she is the youngest student. The one closest to her age is Gentry and he is 6 years old. He is very sweet and we get to chat with his parents on the sidelines during the lesson. I keep telling AA to talk to him more, but she is still checking him out! His Mom is Chinese so we have talked about her home country. It was a wonderful surprise to meet them and will be an enjoyment to get to know this family!

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Catherine said...

AA looks so mature and cute on the course! What a great sport for her to be learning at such a young age!