Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catching Up on April 2012 - My Birthday

I had a great time for my birthday with dear daughter, Leaa and her Hubby Jesse, in on the surprises with Hubby, Ford. Not only did I have a great dinner in St. Augustine, a horse drawn carriage ride and a special cooler filled with my favorite goodies! I also received some great gifts too.
My day started with a walk to our local park for an Art show. There was many kids crafts to try and AA did a good job drawing a dog and using chalk.
Then we walked home and got ready to take AA to her sister's (Leaa) so we could go out to dinner sans kid! My Hubby surprised me with an elaborate plan to get a cooler of birthday goodies gifted by Jesse and Leaa to the restaurant, so we could have it on the surprise carriage ride! Of course, we had to sample some of it in the park....... sneaking a drink and a delicious huge carrot cupcake was too sweet!

Back home with our cooler and some of the yummy treats that Jesse and Leaa got me (us) for my birthday!
It was a great birthday! My Hubby and kids are the sweetest!


Catherine said...

Happy Belated Birthday A!! Looks like a perfect one from start to finish! Sneaky, sweet hubby! :o)

Vivian M said...

Happy belated birthday!