Thursday, May 10, 2012

Catching Up April 2012 - Easter Weekend

We drove to Okeechobee to visit with Hubby's parents and enjoyed our visit. It is like a mini vacation. We get to relax and enjoy a peaceful few days.We visited a couple times last year, here's two recent posts from those trips.
We dyed eggs, these were from Tammy at work, who let us have some locally raised small eggs. AA had fun decorating, but I had forgotten about the mess! We tried a different way on a few of them, have you used the kit that comes with paint and miniature paint rollers?
We did a mini-indoor egg hunt at her Grandparents place. I think AA was relieved to see that the Easter Bunny did find her basket since we were not at home.

Nana Joy swims daily in their heated pool so we joined in with the swimming, not the exercising. Many active ladies in this community!
AA enjoying some chat time with Nana.

We love walking in this neighborhood, it is gated, so seems safe, lots of streets to discover along with tropical plants. It is suited for "strolling".

And a little running.......

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