Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Catching up April 2012 - Alivia's Birthday

Dear Oldest Daughter planned a great birthday party for our Grand #2. It was at a local horse ranch and turned out great. Each child was afforded an opportunity to have a horse ride; and I mean a real ride! Lots of other fun plus cowgirl chow! I will post more pictures of the fun!
Here's Daughter #1 with our Grand #3:

Here's sweet Nicole with baby Mila:
AA and Alivia enjoying hula hoops while waiting for the guests to arrive:

   Lots of play time:
My Dear Hubby (sporting AA's cowboy hat) with son Justin, chatting while waiting for the girls to take their turns on the horse:
On the horse; very safe, there were two employees/owners who stayed with the horse and child:
Grand #1, Kilee:

Birthday girl, Grand #2:
The End!!

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